Analog Poster Series

Lettering & Poster Design


A series of 6 posters exploring the deconstruction of belief systems upheld by the traditional christian faith




Creative Process

This a personal project created during my second year of design school. The brief was to create a series of 6 posters that used a combination of analog lettering paired with digital type. For this project I chose to explore my personal deconstruction of faith away from western Christianity.

I explored subjects of sexuality, race and gender, materialism, and purity culture. These topics are approached from a progressive lens — contrary to traditional Christian teachings.

Each poster includes an excerpt from various authors, theologians, journalists and people who offer an alternative perspective to traditional western Christianity. Some of the articles are real stories from real people. The excerpts are meant to point out the stark contrast between traditional Christianity and modern cultural issues.

The hand-lettering and collages are my own and help to represent these stories and concepts with dignity and compassion.

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