Meg Campbell Realtor®

Branding & Web Design


Brand identity & web design for an Ottawa Realtor


Approachable, confident and professional


Modern, sleek and sophisticated


• Logo, complementary logo, icon and badge
• Business cards and stationery
• Brand colours and typography
• Custom Webflow website (
• Social media templates
• Custom Buyers & Sellers Guides
• Tagline and some copywriting

Creative Process

After consulting with Meg and what she wanted, I decided on a direction that was clean, modern and sleek. I knew Meg wanted to target the upscale and luxury realty market so her brand strategy would need to reflect this.

The goal was to help Meg stand out in an already saturated market. This was done by positioning her brand as a lifestyle approach to real estate, and staying away from anything that felt corporate or commercial. Adding these touches to her brand helped create meaningful connections with her clients. Her modern approach to real estate is reflected in the design and sets her apart as professional and relatable.

I pulled several modern, high-contrast sans-serif typefaces with clean cuts, eventually settling on Min Sans for its contour design and contemporary look. This formed Meg’s wordmark. Her monogram and icon also reflect sophistication in their simplicity and elegant design.

I kept the colours neutral to reflect Meg’s modern classic aesthetic. The primary colours are cream and charcoal, with a few supporting neutral tones.

I researched over 40 established realtors and agencies in Ottawa, Canada and globally. I wanted to know what her competitors offered and how they positioned themselves in the market.

I took note of UX/UI trends in real estate websites. This research was helpful because I was able to identify patterns and offer the best experience for Meg’s clients. It also gave me insight into the potential blind spots that some sites had. Many of the brands and websites I found had a very corporate feel — but I knew that wasn’t true to my client. She had a modern approach to real estate.

I decided to develop a website that encompassed the brand values — modern and sophisticated with a focus on lifestyle. I believe this approach positions Meg in a unique way in the luxury real estate market. Her target audience wants to see that she’s professional, but that she also has her finger on the pulse of current design trends and up to date marketing expertise.

The website is Meg’s online brand experience. Users can get to know who she is, her values and browse some of her listings. Her website also includes sections from her Buyers and Sellers guides which walk users through the process of buying and selling a home.

Feedback & challenges

One challenge of creating a modern brand in an industry that tends to be more corporate is getting trust and buy-in. After a lot of research I felt that highlighting Meg’s expertise was important in bridging the gap between traditional and modern realtor brands. This was vital because it shows potential clients that my client’s expertise, coupled with her modern marketing approach to selling homes, is a powerful combination. In addition to having a strong brand, her expertise gives her clients confidence and trust in her.


The design solution is sophisticated and sleek, and maintains an approachable tone that her audience finds relateable and engaging.

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